Thursday, 15 May 2014

Mother Nature and scenic photography

I always struggle when it comes to mother nature and scenic photography,I can never get the ratio's right and end up with either under exposed or parts of the intended photo cut off.
But with practice and patience i am slowly getting to grips with this amazing and interesting subjects.
Because of my location i have access to some amazing beauty spots and rugged coastline.

The Shot above was taken last year as the first of the Autumn storms battered the light house at Seaham Harbour.The storm raged for a few days and gave me a great days photography.
I shot this in colour but this works better in monochrome
I am fascinated with history and old ruins and the next couple of shot show this.Groverake mine is located in Weardale at Rookhope.
Mining started around 18th century when they were mining for Lead up to the 1880's when the mine was taken over by the Weardale Lead company.The mine changed hands a number of times and was operated by Sherburn minerals worked the mine until it closed in 1999.

This shot was taken in HDR and it's of the wheel tower of an ruined mine in weardale called Groverake Mine and i am impressed with this shot .


Linked by footpaths a leisurely walk to Low Force, High Force and the Pennie way,
A peaceful,unspoilt landscape and wildlife are plenty for all to observe. 

Bowlees is set in teesdale and is of outstanding natural beauty and Gibsons cave waterfall is a stunning waterfall to see.